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Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney is an essential legal document which helps you protect your interests during your life. Many people consider it as important as a Will and see it as one of the final pieces in the process of planning and protecting their estate.

Whilst a Will describes what happens when we die, we seldom think about who would manage our affairs, or make decisions regarding our welfare, should we not be able to do so ourselves. There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney - one for property and financial affairs and the other for health and personal welfare. Through either or both of these documents you can appoint whom you wish to manage your affairs and to make decisions regarding your medical treatment or your welfare if you can’t make decisions yourself. This could be because of illnesses such as dementia or if you have an accident which leaves you incapacitated.

The simplest way of determining whether you might benefit from this document would be to ask yourself the question "if I couldn’t manage my affairs, who would have legal permission to do so for me?" This is very different from people just wanting to help - often companies won’t speak to such people unless they have legal authority. This can only be given through a registered Lasting Power of Attorney.

For more information on Lasting Power of Attorneys please click on the following document: Why Create a Lasting Power of Attorney?


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