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Why Plan?

Wills and Trusts

Planning the future distribution of your estate, protecting your assets by making a Will and, when relevant, setting up a trust are some of the most important things that you will ever do. By protecting your hard earned wealth and putting your affairs in order you can make a great difference for those people who matter to you most and give yourself peace of mind.

If you die intestate (without having made a Will) the State decides what happens to your wealth. This may well leave your loved ones in a costly, uncertain and stressful position at the worst possible time.

Long Term Care Issues

One in four women and one in six men may require some form of long term care. Last year thousands of homes were sold to pay for long term care. Not only will we help clarify your position, but we will also help you plan ahead and show you how to protect your home and other assets.

Living Wills (Advance Decision)

A Living Will enables you to do two things in advance of the time when you might be unable to do them yourself. Firstly, to say how you wish to be cared for and what treatments you do or don’t want to receive should you be unable to communicate your wishes. Secondly, to nominate people (normally your closest family or friends) who must be consulted by your medical team in uncertain situations before any decision is made on your behalf about further treatment.

For more information please click on the following document: Making A Will - Why it pays to plan for your death

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